My loved one has threatened suicide. What should I do?
Posted by Cynthia Wright, Last modified by on 04 November 2009 09:11 PM
All threats of suicide should be taken very seriously!

Even if your loved one tries to take it back later by saying they would never actually do it, the mere threat of suicide means they considered it and you need to take action. You should talk to their doctor and therapist immediately.

If your loved one does not have a doctor or therapist, there are community resources such as Crisis Intervention Hotlines which can help.

There is also, in the USA, a national hotline for suicide prevention which can be reached by dialing 1–800–SUICIDE [1 (800) 784–2433]. This hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help both the mental health supporter and/or survivor.

Remember, if a person threatens themselves or another, they need immediate help. As hard as it may be, they might need to be committed or brought in the hospital.

The Masters Bipolar Supporter’s Course describes in detail the steps that need to be taken when someone threatens suicide. To order this course, simply follow this link:

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