My loved one gets violent when he/she gets into a manic episode. How do I handle this?
Posted by Cynthia Wright, Last modified by on 04 November 2009 10:15 PM
If a person uses violence or threatens violence against you in any way, you must contact the police, making sure you inform the Dispatcher your loved one is experiencing a bipolar episode which makes them irrational and unpredictable, otherwise your loved one may be look dangerous enough to harm or even kill. After the police arrive, they will probably call your local Crisis Intervention Line, who will usually send a person out to help facilitate getting your loved one to a hospital and getting you help as well. I have success stories of others who survived violence when they dealt with their bipolar spouse or their bipolar boy/girlfriend and now live happy lives with their now–stable loved ones. These uplifting stories are included in The Master Bipolar Supporter’s Course. To order this course, follow the link below:
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