Are support groups really that helpful? Which ones are the best?
Posted by Cynthia Wright, Last modified by on 04 November 2009 10:16 PM
Some people find support groups a wonderful resource, but there are pitfalls to any support group. It is vital to know the dynamics which exist in each and every support group. The Bipolar Master Supporter Course delves extensively into the heart of support groups and their true benefits. The course also tells you how to know a good support group from a bad one, and even includes a checklist of what every support group should offer. To order this course, follow this link:

If you have bipolar disorder and want to join a support group as part of your therapy, there are things you must know to avoid being led down a path that might produce an episode. The Bipolar Master Success Course details what to look for in a support group and how to avoid a bad experience, possibly bad enough to trigger an episode. To get this information and much more, follow this link:
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